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Why You Should File Your Tax Return Early

File Your Tax Return Early

Why You Should File Your Tax Return Early

File your tax return early! The 2024 tax season, dedicated to filing 2023 tax returns, is now open, offering an opportune moment to consider the benefits of submitting your tax return early. While filing early may not suit everyone, those who choose to do so deliberately can reap several advantages. This guide explores the key reasons why filing your tax return sooner rather than later could be in your best interest.

Tax Return Filing

Accelerate Your Refund

One of the most immediate benefits of filing your tax return early is the expedited access to any refund owed to you. By filing as early as possible, you avoid unnecessary delays, especially for returns involving the Earned Income Tax Credit or the Additional Child Tax Credit, which are subject to legislative refund timing regulations. Early filing places your return at the front of the queue, ensuring your refund is processed promptly.

Tips for a Speedier Refund

  • Gather all necessary documents in advance.
  • Use electronic filing with direct deposit to receive your refund faster.

Reduce the Risk of Tax Identity Fraud

Filing your tax return early significantly narrows the window for potential tax identity theft, a prevalent issue early in the tax season. Tax identity thieves aim to file fraudulent returns using stolen information to divert refunds. By filing early, you secure your rightful claim to any tax withholdings, effectively safeguarding against such theft.

Safeguarding Your Tax Identity

  • File as soon as you have all the required documents.
  • Monitor your tax records and be alert for any IRS notices indicating potential fraud.

Prevent Dependent Disputes

Early filing is crucial if you anticipate any contention over claiming dependents, such as in situations involving separated or divorced parents. Submitting your tax return early helps avoid complications that arise when a dependent’s Social Security number is claimed on multiple returns.

Avoiding Dependent-Related Filing Rejections

  • Ensure you have the right to claim dependents according to IRS rules.
  • File early to preempt any unauthorized claims by others.

Facilitate Financial Transactions


If you’re planning significant financial moves like buying a house, early tax filing can be particularly beneficial. Early filers who are self-employed or need to provide proof of income for loans or other purposes can use their filed tax return as a reliable document for financial institutions.

Using Your Tax Return for Financial Planning

  • Plan for loan applications or major purchases that require income verification.
  • File early to have your tax return ready as part of your financial documentation.

Beat the Tax Season Rush

Filing your tax return early also means avoiding the last-minute rush, making it easier to get assistance if needed. Preparing and filing your return well before the deadline can offer peace of mind, allowing you to focus on other priorities without the looming task of tax filing.


Filing your tax return early in the 2024 season for your 2023 taxes is not just about getting it out of the way; it’s a strategic move that can secure your refund faster, protect against identity theft, resolve dependent disputes efficiently, support your financial planning, and relieve the stress of the tax season rush. By understanding and acting on these benefits, you can navigate the tax filing process more smoothly and securely.

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