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“Statement of Cash Flows is the key to understanding the health of your business” #Cashflow #businessownership @Xero

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Cash Flow is King!

Xero really does a good of explaining the Statement of Cash Flows in this blog.

“Cashflow problems and mismanaged finances are major causes of business failure in the early years. Some companies fail to plan properly, some set their sights too high or low, some don’t keep track of costs, some fail to chase payment.”

“That’s why the Statement of Cash Flows report is so important. It identifies the cash flowing in and out of a business, and can help you make informed decisions about how your business operates.”

Three areas discussed in this blog

  • What benefits does a cash flow statement provide?

  • What goes into the cash flow statement?

  • Getting the most from your report.

To read the full blog click here.

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