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Are You Paying More In Taxes This Year?

Are You Paying More In Taxes This Year

Let’s review  side by side – 2017  Vs  2018 return.

Here are some facts that we used to compare year over year.

  • Married filing jointly with 2 dependents
  • W-2 income $48,725
  • Schedule C gross income $375,000 and net income $76,950
  • Standard deduction taken in 2017
  • Household is covered by health insurance


There are winners and losers in the latest tax bill. The purpose of this video is to show you how to compare your tax rate for this year vs last year.  This is not a video to speak for or against the latest tax bill. However, for you to know if your taxes paid increased or decreased, you need to know how to measure the change.

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